Steps In Tyme Designs - Previously Made Projects
Steps In Tyme Designs - We are a Steampunk oriented costume and Prop company located in Orlando, Florida.  We specialize in one of a kind pieces that will accent your Steampunk attire.  We are available for custom orders.  Please post comments and / or Emails for custom orders.
RJ and Roseanna Foster are proud to call The Central Florida Steampunk Association their home group.We have been known to get a little rambunctious at times.Working Telegraph BracerMotorized Gatlin GunMotorized Gatlin GunProfessor Roxy Diggs' Sceintific Field Bracer with 1800s MicroscopeProfessor Roxy Diggs' Sceintific Field BracerNeverland Map BracersHook's Ship on top of Leather Top Hat.Broken ClockPeter Pan's Shadow Escaping a KeyholeTic-Toc on the Front of Tinkerbell's Tooled Leather Top HatBack of Shoulder and Arm Piece 1.0Front of Shoulder and Arm Piece 1.0Shoulder and Arm Piece 2.0Lit Up Exaust Pipe of Shoulder and Arm Piece 2.0Holster for NERF Maverick with antique Miner's light on front.Steampunk CoatLeather Photo Album for Tin Type PhotosLeather Photo Album for Tin Type PhotosCommissioned Belt and PouchesSteampunk Artist's Bracer with art supplies and lightable radio tube.Gatlin Gun Bracer 3.0Adjustable Leg BracerMatching set of Gatlin Gun Bracer 3.0 and Working Telegraph BracerMatching set of Gatlin Gun Bracer 3.0 and Working Telegraph BracerMotorized Steam Engine BracerTesting Shoulder and Arm Pieces 1.0 and 2.0 against eachother..Steps In Tyme Designs In St. Augustine, Florida 2013RJ from Steps In Tyme Designs answers questions from the public in St. Augustine, FloridaLady Aurelia Vanderbilt (Roseanna Foster) and Dirk Astor (RJ Foster) of Steps In Tyme DesignsDirk Astor (RJ Foster) and Professor Roxy Diggs (Roseanna Foster) of Steps In Tyme Designs at Dragon Con 2012Dirk Astor (RJ Foster) of Steps in Tyme Designs wearing Arm and Shoulder Piece 1.0, Gatlin Gun Bracer 2.0, Adjustable Leg Bracer, and NERF Maverick Holster at Dragon Con 2012

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